Are MidWives Legit?

The New York Times recently wrote an article about how people are being denied passports because their birth certificate is signed by a midwife. Now there is this spark of debate of whether midwives are legitimate, because there was a concern if the midwives were truthful over the location of the birth. People born all the way back in the 1970’s are now being denied passports, just because the government all of a sudden has a funny feeling about midwives. As someone who is a first generation American, who was birthed by a midwife, this terrifies me to my core, and I’m white.

Never before has the immigration policies that Trump has imposed directly affected me, but now I watch the news and it gives me anxiety. This is a policy that could very easily change my life forever and this is almost like a culture shock for me. As a white person, I’ve never felt directly attack by the actions of my government, my demographics allow me to be privileged, something I’ve always been thankful for because of how the world works, but now I’m not part of the privileged group because I wasn’t birthed by a doctor. Do you see midwives capable to confirming a birth location or do you believe that a doctor has the only legitimate say in the matter ?