My name is Rachel Miranda Trbovic, and if you’re struggling to say my last name it’s ter-bo-vic.

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I was raised in the Chicago suburb of Willowbrook, a very culturally diverse neighborhood that exposed me to some many new perspectives of life. It was because of Willowbrook that I gained my interest in civil rights, because even as a child I could recognize the fact that people were treated differently in my town compared to towns with a bigger white population. The same things would carry into high school, and I thought that’s just the way things are, that’s how society worked. But I would soon discover my passion for law and how it can change society, so I would join our mock trial team and immerse myself into law and politics, and began seeing the changes that could be made. I would soon discover my second passion of journalism when I was just trying to help my friend who was Editor in Chief of our yearbook, and soon I became obsessed with writing, design, the whole package. By the end of high school I was president of the mock trial and Editor in Chief of our yearbook.

After high school, I began attending Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. I’m majoring in Law, Politics, and Society, as well as News Media. During time here at Drake I’ve been able to join my sorority Delta Gamma, through them I’ve been volunteering with the nursing homes in the Des Moines area. I have also had professional opportunities, such as having my articles published in our school newspaper, as well as becoming an editor for an on campus magazine called Drake Political Review (DPR). I’m so excited about my work in DPR because this has been my chance to combine my two passions together, and has given me a lot of insight into what I want from a career.

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